Rethinking software development, implementation and web services!

Managing customer expectations with regards to internet-related services and products can be a major challenge for small and big brands alike. SmartIdea, one of the best-known internet consultancy companies, offers services that promises to redefine how businesses approach their web services. SmartIdea offers everything that clients may require pertaining to their website, live products and applications – Think of website evaluation, creating roadmaps for internet marketing designing and implementing sophisticated software solutions, technical backup and consistent support.


Established in 1999, SmartIdea is based out of Singapore, but works with clients around the world. Currently, they have representative offices in the US, Australia and Philippines, and as required, they liaison with networking experts, technical support teams and specialists to offer constant support and backup for businesses. They have clients in Australia, Europe, and US, and SmartIdea expects to grow globally in the next few years. The development team of the company has extensive experience with concepts like RUP, xP, OOAD, and have worked with different UML modeling tools. They also work as advisors for clients for their website requirements as an independent service, and are accessible at all hours, with assured around-the-clock support. Additionally, they have an operations team, which can monitor and manage web applications, software systems and processes for clients to avoid downtime and technical glitches.


They also offer and plan internet marketing services and help clients in implementing web-related services into their existing network and setup. Want to know more? Please refer to the website of SmartIdea for details.